Thursday, May 5, 2011

Planning the Budget for Your Child’s Birthday Party by Ravinder Tulsiani

Hosting a birthday party can sometimes be stressful especially if you have a limited budget. The job will not be that hard if you only know how to plan for the party especially the budget. In order to make the financing easier for you, there are things that you should always remember. Here are some points that you can consider:

1. Ask yourself how much you can afford. You should anticipate all the expenses that may arise while planning for the party. Be sure that you can afford all the expenses.

2. You need to know the cost for a certain venue where you will hold the party. There are places that do not cost that much and you can consider them for the party. You may want to hold your party at your own home but make sure that it can accommodate all your guests.

3. You can serve many cheap foods for the party. This can help you save more money. You can include many cheaper alternatives in the menu like pastas, hotdogs and sandwiches. You also have the option to the food preparation yourself rather than getting the services of a caterer.

4. You can buy all the prizes and giveaways from many discount stores. Small tokens do well in birthday parties. They do not have to be expensive since children are not after the price of the prizes they will get.

5. Invitations can be done personally, by phone or e-mail rather than mailing a birthday invitation.

6. There are also other alternatives for celebrating your child’s birthday. You can consider bringing you child and his friends in the parks, circus and even in the malls. They will surely enjoy it and you do not have to worry of damaging your household budget.

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