Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monthly Household Budget by Ravinder Tulsiani

Even when both partners in a family work, money can still be tight. It costs a lot to afford all the essentials in life including a place to live, food and car expenses. Add to that a bit of spending money and some unexpected purchases and there can be little to no money left at the end of the month. Setting up a monthly household budget is a great idea regardless if there’s a little or a lot of money to work with.

Salaries are really the foundation of any financial plan. If the person works at a job where they are paid a certain amount week after week it can be a bit easier to plan a monthly household budget. People who are paid on a commission basis may find it a bit more challenging to work out a financial plan, but it certainly can be done and the salary portion should be an average in this case, as opposed to an exact amount.

If you’ve never created one of these before it can be a bit daunting. The easiest approach is to list all the money coming into the home and all the money going out. To do this effectively a person should really document all the expenses they make in a one month time frame. This includes every stop at the convenience store they make, as well as every penny they spend in vending machines.

It can be difficult to itemize every dollar but it’s really important. Doing this helps the person preparing the monthly household budget by showing them where excess money is going. It’s very surprising how quickly trips to the mall or sporting events add up.

Working the old-fashioned way with a pencil, a calculator and a piece of paper can be time consuming and obviously can lead to some mistakes being made. For anyone with a home or office computer, using monthly household budget software is really the best approach. All that is required is that you key in all the relevant numbers and the program will offer suggestions regarding where money can be saved or where it can be redirected.

Debt can be overwhelming and for someone who is juggling balances from one credit card to another it creates a lot of stress. Preparing a monthly household budget in which the focus is on paying down the debt as quickly as possible is really beneficial. A good way to do this is to think about where money can be saved and then using that to pay a credit card. This might include not buying new clothes, waiting to rent a DVD instead of seeing a movie in a theater or giving up going out to eat for a few months. Once a person sees just how much money they are using on non-essentials when they make their budget, it becomes much easier to save.

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